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Added by Joel Faust
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Life Story
  • Birth

  • Confirmation

  • Immigration

  • Marriage: Alternate Date: 1 Jun 1916

  • Husband Fred's Death: Died Of Influenza

  • Marriage

  • Residence

  • Death: After A Long Illness

  • Funeral: Epworth Methodist Church

  • Burial

  • Story: Obituary - Olga Paulson

    <font size="2"><p align="center"><strong>Obituary - Olga Paulson</strong></p><p>Funeral Services for Mrs. Olga Paulson</p><p>Funeral services were conducted at Epworth Methodist Church December 13 for Mrs. Olga Paulson, 54 who died December 8 after a long illness.</p><p>Rev. Wilson Johnstone officiated and Mrs. Fred W. Geisler and Mrs. L. D. Rhoades rendered musical numbers. Interment was in Woodbine cemetery.</p><p>Born in Oslo, Norway May 7, 1891, she came to America in 1913. In 1916 she was married to Fred Faust and to this union, two children were born, Agnes and Myrtle. Mr. Faust died in 1918, and in 1920 she was married to Theo. Paulson of Valley City. Five boys, George, Oscar, Palmer, Robert and Kenneth were born to this union. Mr. Paulson was the father of two girls, Thelma and Belinda, when he married again.</p><p>Mrs. Paulson was confirmed at the age of 15 in Lannes, Norway, and was a member of the Methodist church.</p><p>She is survived by the five sons, and four daughters, Mrs. Wm. Dorrance of San Diego, Mrs. Ralph Zaun of Rogers, and Mrs. Charles Frolick and Mrs. Arnold Zaun of Valley City, as well as two sisters in this country and five brothers in Stavanger, Norway.</p></font>

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