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Added by nzmelissa

Rannulf DeManning

Born: Note Mannheim, Germany England Occup Palatine, Indiana, United States
Died: Castle, Kent, England

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    <li><em>ID:</em> I24925 </li><li><em>Name:</em> Rannulf DE MANNING </li><li><em>Surname:</em> de Manning </li><li><em>Given Name:</em> Rannulf </li><li><em>Sex:</em> M </li><li><em>_UID:</em> BB2600287E78EB4EB4DE5E48494A72C73CE9 </li><li><em>Note:</em> <blockquote>10240 Ranulph Manning.<br><br>&quot;Manning is from an old Norse word - manningi - meaning a brave or valiant<br>man, and one of the first forms of the name was Mannin: another orthography<br>was Manning&quot;. The above is quoted from the Journal of American Genealogy,<br>1922, published by the National Historical Society as printed in &quot;The Manning<br>Manse Messenger&quot;, March 9, 1925. This article begins its history of the<br>Mannings &#39;with Ranulph or Rudolph de Manning, Count Palatine, who having<br>married Elgida, aunt to King Harold I, of England, had a grant of land in<br>Kent.&quot;.[90]<br><br>?Halstead?s Kent (1797) states that the Mannings came ?from an ancient and<br>noble family? which took its name from the town Mannheim in Saxony. They<br>came to England before the Conquest from the Roman Villa Mannheim (now<br>Manheim, Germany) that was in the 8th centure Monastery of Larsch, and a<br>residence of the Elector of the Palatinate. Here Ranulph de Mannheim was<br>Count Palatine in 940. He married Elgida, the aunt of King Harold,<br>(1037-1040), was granted in England the site of Downs and other towns in Kent<br>about St. Mary?s Cray?s where is Manning Hall and the Church in which repose<br>many Mannings of the past. From Downs, his grandson, Simon de Manning was<br>knighted as he ?was the first of the English Barons to take up the Cross and<br>go with King Richard (1189-1199), to the Holy Wars? against the Saracens.<br>His grandson Stephen de Manning was of King Edward?s time (1272-1302), when<br>Mannings are recorded in twenty-two English counties. Of these William de<br>Manning died 1343, and there was Hugh, John, Richard, Edward, Thomas, Peter,<br>Ranulph, Elizabeth, Anne, and a John, of King Henry?s time (1399-1423). The<br>towns Manningham, Mannington, Manningtree record the family activities in<br>England, as ten Manning or Mannington towns in ten of our United States<br>record such activities here. . . Manning Coats of Arms were granted and<br>confirmed by the Kent County ?Visitation? of 1577. Cardinal Manning wrote<br>from England in 1884, that there were several branches of the family in Kent,<br>Suffolk, and Norfolk, each having a Coat with shield, cross, and four tree<br>foild, but with variations in the crests; all but one bearing the motto ?Malo<br>mori quam foedari? (I would rather die than be disgraced) (or dishonored or<br>debased). Other recorded Manning Mottoes are: ?Vive ut vivas? (Live that<br>you may live) - ?Per ardua stabilis? (Steady in difficulties) - ?esse quam<br>viveri? (To be rather than seem to be).? [97]<br><br>?Cowdham, Downe, Orpington, St. Marys Cray, Pauls Cray and Foots Cray,<br>parishes in which these Mannings chiefly had their homes, are all in the<br>Hundred of Ruxley in the County of Kent. Among the places which I have named<br>the earliest home to which this family can be traced was Cowdham, in which<br>parish we are told (in Hasted?s History of Kent) Richard de Cherfholt had<br>anciently some property, in the hamlet of Bertrey, or Bettred, as it was<br>afterwards called, and held the reeveship of the manor of Bertrey under<br>Geoffrey de Say who discharged him from this office in the 15th year of K.<br>Edward II., anno 1321 &amp;c. He died without issue male, and his daughter and<br>heir carried the estate which he held in it, in marriage, to William de<br>Manning, who died in the 17th year of K. Edward III., anno 1342.? [402]<br><br>Ranulph married Elgida.</blockquote><sup><font size="4">1</font></sup> </li><li><em>Change Date:</em> 27 May 2001 at 01:00:00<br><br><br><br><em>Marriage</em> 1 Elgida Children <ol><li> DE MANNING</li></ol><br><em>Sources:</em> <ol><li>Title: Emailed Notes - Barb Pretz<br>Author: Barb Pretz<br>Text: 1 Abigaile Waters. Born bef 18 Mar 1645 in Salem, MA.[171],[402] Christened<br>on 18 Mar 1645 in First Church, Salem, MA.<br><br>According to book &quot;John Punchard&quot; by Samuel M. Worcester, she was from Salem,<br>MA.<br><br>She and her husband William Punchard were said to be ancestors of the editor<br>of the ?Boston Traveller.?[171]?the baptisms of some of these children are<br>given in the register of the First Church, Salem, as follows: . . . Abigail<br>bap. 18-3-1645 (mar. William Punchard 26 Oct. 1669).?[402]<br><br>On 26 Oct 1669 when Abigaile was 24, she married William<br>Punchard.[5],[171],[402] </li></ol></li>

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