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Added by Alwyn Ladell
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Life Story
  • Birth: Not Far From The Palais Garnier (the Old Paris Opera House)

  • School: (now Known As The Lycée Condorcet)

  • Residence

  • School: Licencie-es-Lettres

  • Job: Schoolmaster

  • Job: Schoolmaster And "Charge De Conferences" To The "Faculte Des Lettres"

  • Residence: Took His Degree Of "Docteur-es-Lettres" With Distinction In Philosophy

  • Publication: Time And Free Will (Essai Sur Les Données Immédiates De La Conscience)

  • Marriage: Louise Neuberger Was A Cousin Of Marcel Proust

  • Publication: Matter And Memory (Matière Et Mémoire)

  • Job: Professor

  • Residence: On The Boundary Of Paris By The Commune Of Boulogne

  • Job: Professor, Chair Of Greek Philosophy Then Chair Of Modern Philosophy

  • Residence

  • Publication: Creative Evolution (L'Evolution Créatrice)

  • Award: Nobel Prize In Literature

  • Publication: The Two Sources Of Morality And Religion (Les Deux Sources De La Morale Et De La Religion)

  • Death

  • Burial

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