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Added by sarah_amer
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    charity desmond
    charity desmond on Mar 25:
    HELLO Compliments of the day for you. I am by charity name, I'm single but how are you, hope I went through your profile and i read it and took intersest if you do not mind, I'll do you like better, you are fine, I ask will you like, send me a mail on my private e-mail ( ), so that I give you everything you need to know about myself and a picture of myself.i think distance and color is not a barear between us, hoping to read from you, thanks and bless God. a Best Regard, Charity.

  • Military: He Was Selected To Represent The Army In Its Boxing Team Since He Was A Boxing Champian Before He Join The Army

  • Death: He Died While Serving In The Egyptian Army In Some Kind Of Explosion, He Did Not Die Immediately But Transformed To A Military Hospital, Some One Tried Contacting Nabawia's Kids In Cairo To See Him, He Died No One Could See Him, Mother Was Affected Most

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