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Added by smarn54
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    <font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">My&nbsp;grandmother was Carmella and I only met her once in my life.&nbsp; She lived in California.&nbsp; As I began my family tree primarily on my father&#39;s side of the family, I began to wonder about my mom&#39;s ancesters.&nbsp;&nbsp; All I had was a little note written by my mom with a few names on it.&nbsp; Today (28 February 2008, I received a note from, that my grandmother had a sister, Theresa, and the writer (Sheila) was her granddaughter.&nbsp; Now that is exciting enough that I felt that it should be mentioned in my Family Tree site.&nbsp; I have invited Sheila to write to me - giving her my email and telephone number.&nbsp; I hope that she writes to me.&nbsp; This gives me some hope that I will gain some much-desired Italian History.&nbsp; Thank you Sheila for writing to me. </font>

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